Level 1


For this level of Sat Nam Rasayan it is expected that you will learn:

  1. Sensitive Space: the space in which you feel the sensations
  2. Recognize and open the Sacred Space of the transcendent consciousness
  3. Recognize and resolve the resistances
  4. Individualize the event you relate with
  5. Learn contemplation
  6. Learn the Shunya State or the state of the silent mind

About the Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Teacher Training:

During recent years, Guru Dev Singh has trained a group of instructors around the world including Jerome Duffell. This group supports him by spreading the teachings.

The education of the Sat Nam Rasayan healer last three years and is divided into level 1 (1 year), and level 2 (2 years). Each level can be finished with an examination and a certificate.

In level 1, you learn to remain stable in the Sat Nam Rasayan state and to resolve simple tensions in the patient. Level 2 offers the participants many opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual development. Many tools for deep healing treatments are taught here.

To learn Sat Nam Rasayan, no special abilities or previous experiences are required. The beauty of this system is that it is open to everyone.

Awareness and Presence in the Therapeutic Work

The meditative healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan teaches the therapist to experience the relationship to his patient in a state of deep presence. In this meditative awareness, the practitioner discovers an area of his/her consciousness that allows cure and attention for the other. As therapists, we experience again and again that coming into relation with patients causes reactions in us. Sat Nam Rasayan uses these sensitive impressions as the source of information. The focus is not the knowledge, but the development of the meditative connection and perception in relation to the patient.

Course Description

Students are invited to sit still in a meditative position, closing their eyes and becoming sensitive and aware of all their sensations. This practice alters the consciousness, bringing about the specific state of meditation required for healing to take place. It also develops the awareness bringing attention to sensations and feelings, which are otherwise ignored.

Students are guided into deep states of meditation, while at the same time remaining alert and present. When students are able to easily access, and remain stable in this meditative state,  through their awareness, they can know when something has changed in their space.

By allowing or resolving this change within themselves, healing takes place for their event. The changes that take place in the healers sensitivity may be referred to as Resistances. The aim of the healer is to resolve these resistances by allowing them.

Level 1 also includes working with the 5 Elements.  Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether – sensing how the elements are used within the consciousness of Sat Nam Rasayan.


Students are required to study 8 days with a Sat Nam Rasayan Trainer.

Students also need to attend 4 days of classes with Guru Dev Singh, master of Sat Nam Rasayan healing.

Once these 12 days have been completed, the students are then eligible to take the practical exam with Guru Dev Singh and write a short paper (10 lines approx.) entitled What is Sat Nam Rasayan.

For the practical exam, students must be able to relax a muscle in their patient. They will receive feedback from Guru Dev Singh and a personal meditation practice. When successful, the student will receive a certificate Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner from the International School of Sat Nam Rasayan.