The lineage and history of Sat Nam Rasayan®

The manifestation of the Sacred Space through successive generations of masters and disciples constitutes the lineage of Sat Nam Rasayan®. The lineage is not only composed of individuals but also of the knowledge itself that resides in them and remains alive. It is an entity whose abilities go beyond those attributed to human beings.

Guru Ram Das (1531 – 1581), 4th Guru of the Sikh Tradition.

It is void of form and ritual and not specific to any religion or belief system. We know of Taoist and Sufi masters who have had this knowledge and the modern School Of Sat Nam Rasayan® cites a Punjabi Saint of the 16th Century, Guru Ram Das (1531 – 1581), 4th Guru of the Sikh Tradition. His purity and neutrality stand out and although he did not create Sat Nam Rasayan®, he personified the Sacred Space so completely that he is considered an archetype of the system.

Guru Dev Singh, PhD, current living Master of Sat Nam Rasayan®, was trained by Yogi Bhajan, PhD. The essential requirement for being a master of Sat Nam Rasayan® is that the Sacred Space is stably manifested in them.

Guru Dev Singh learned Sat Nam Rasayan® from Yogi Bhajan in the traditional way, that is in silence. Historically, spiritual knowledge/the spiritual power of the teachings was transmitted by the process of induction. The apprentice learned by simply being nearby, within the teacher’s aura or psychic influence. The teacher would use the connection with the Sacred Space in order to induce the experience in the disciple. The spoken word was never necessary to transmit or practice it. The method of teaching is exclusive, allowing only one or two students at a time, perhaps only one in each generation. In 1988, Yogi Bhajan, who had previously been sharing undivulged teachings for over 25 years, asked Guru Dev Singh to teach Sat Nam Rasayan® and to found a school where anyone who was interested could learn to heal. The title of Master passed from Yogi Bhajan to Guru Dev Singh, who in obedience to the former, is developing the present teaching method. It’s a living, breathing art. Guru Dev is the first and only teacher in the 700-year lineage of Sat Nam Rasayan to structure its healing treasures into a linear form for all to learn and practice.

“Teaching is undergoing a change. In the age of Pisces, humans approached God, making an effort to cleanse and purify themselves in every way. Now, in the age of Aquarius, it is God who approaches humankind and we need only be aware of it and allow it to happen. Spiritual practices are no longer as rigid or difficult as before; they are however, more subtle. In this age, it is not a question of trying to know but rather of recognizing that knowledge is within us.” – Yogi Bhajan